"Leading" Psychologist Robert F. Mannis Gets License Suspended

December 4, 2018

While a November 9, 2018 press release declared that "Leading Psychologist, Robert Mannis, Ph.D is to be Recognized as a 2018 Top Doctor in Maryland," the fact is that the Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychologists had suspended Mannis' license for 60 days on October 12th.

The Board’s Consent Order states that it received a report that a person (“Person A”) who had been receiving mental health services from Mannis was also residing in a residence which he owned. This report came from Person A’s social worker.

The social worker reported that she’d contacted Mannis, who confirmed that Person A was receiving mental health services from him and that she was staying in a residence which he owned.

In its investigation, the Board obtained a letter which Mannis had written in November 2016 to the company that handled Person A’s case management. In it, he stated that Person A had been a “patient since April” and that “she deserves housing for her disability.” 

Yet during a July 2017 interview with Board staff, Mannis denied that Person A was ever his patient. Further, he stated that he wrote the November 2016 letter “under duress,” alleging to have previously been assaulted by Person A’s boyfriend.

The Board found Mannis’ misrepresentation that Person A was his patient to constitute fraudulent and deceptive use of his license, among other things.

Mannis' announcement of his "to be named Top Doctor" in November is yet another example of kind of fact-bending that got him into disciplinary trouble.

Source: Consent Order in the Matter of Robert Mannis, Ph.D. License Number 02233, Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychologists, October 12, 2018.


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