Prosecutors Rest Their Case Against Psychologist Heath Sommer, Charged with Sexual Abuse

November 20, 2018

Prosecutors wrapped up their case Monday in the jury trial for a psychologist previously assigned to Travis Air Force Base who faces multiple felony charges of sexually abusing his patients.

Heath J. Sommer, 42, is charged with sexual battery and three counts of sexually assaulting victims, claiming the actions served a professional purpose.

Sommer did not testify and the defense rested it case within minutes of prosecutors resting their case.

Sommer, who had treated patients at David Grant Medical Center, treated two women in 2014 and 2015 who were in the Air Force and had previously been victims of sexual assault.

Jurors learned during the trial that Sommer used the guise of what he called “exposure therapy” to convince two women to engage in sex acts with him.

Part of the prosecution case included three other women who had been patients of Sommer’s who recounted his unwanted touching, innuendo and other behaviors and suggestions that made them uncomfortable during their therapy sessions.

The trial, being overseen by Judge E. Bradley Nelson, is scheduled to continue Tuesday morning with closing arguments.

Source: “Prosecutors, defense rest case against former Travis psychologist,” Daily Republic, November 20, 2018, URL:


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