Psychiatrist Edwin B. Hall Surrenders California Medical License

July 12, 2018


On July 12, 2018, the Medical Board of California accepted the surrender of psychiatrist Edwin Hall's medical license.

This was in response to disciplinary action taken against him by another state medical board.

Hall, who treated both children and adults at his practice in Albuquerque, came under investigation by the New Mexico Board in 2016. On April 2, 2018, Hall surrendered his New Mexico Medical license to settle the investigation.

The New Mexico investigation was concerned with Hall’s prescribing practices, patient deaths, and more:

  • The New Mexico Medical Board's document states that Hall prescribed controlled substances and combinations of medications in a manner that posed a threat to the health of his patients. 
  • The Board noted that six of his adult patients died as a result of an overdose.
  • Hall failed to effectively screen, evaluate, assess and monitor patients to whom controlled substances had been prescribed.
  • His medical records contained inadequate documentation and showed evidence of having been copied and pasted from patient record to patient record. 
  • The Board found that the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy identified Hall as a "high risk prescriber" who did not access the prescription monitoring (PMP) database, as required.
  • Lastly, from at least fall 2013 until October 2017, Hall allowed John Connell, a disgraced, unlicensed psychiatrist, to treat patients in his practice and billed Medicaid as if he'd delivered the services himself. Both the New York and Georgia medical boards revoked Connell’s medical licenses in 2008 for having engaged in a sexual relationship with a female patient. In October 2017, the New Mexico Medical Board issued Connell a cease and desist letter, as he was not licensed to practice in that state either.  

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