Psychiatrist Said Farzad, Previously Convicted for Phone Harrasment, Is Bomb Threat Suspect

November 2, 2018

A man suspected of phoning in several bomb threats to state government agencies over the past has been identified, but the investigation is complicated by the fact that he is believed to be out of the country, Washington State Patrol investigators said.

Said Farzad is suspected in 18 cases involving multiple agencies, including eight in the last month to state agencies in Olympia and Tumwater, investigators said. He's under suspicion of making threats to Idaho offices as well.

It's believed the calls stem from his psychiatry license being suspended in 2014, according to investigators. Farzad was accused of making numerous phone calls to Molina HealthCare threatening to kill employees and blow up their building because the insurance company rejected some of his patient's medical claims, according to the Department of Health.

Farzad was last known to be in the U.S. in June, but has been outside the country since.

"The fact that he is out of the country presents challenges in making an arrest or requiring him to cease the threats," said John Shaffer, Communications Director for the Washington State Patrol. Farzad is on a watch list that would flag him for arrest should he attempt to reenter the United States.

No bombs have ever been found and investigators don't believe he has the capability to do actual harm. But agencies will continue to treat each threat seriously. The threats have been phoned in from various countries, investigators said.

Visitors will continue to see an increased police presence including explosive-detection police dogs for the foreseeable future, officials said. Staff members at state agencies will also receive additional training on how to deal with these situations.

Source: “Suspect named in phoned bomb threats to Washington government agencies,”, October 31, 2018, URL:


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