Oregon Psychologist Larry Christensen Surrenders License for Sex with Client, etc.

May 12, 2018

On May 11, 2018, the Oregon Board of Psychology accepted the permanent surrender of Laurence W. Christensen's license to practice psychology. 

According to the Board's Stipulated Order, the Board charged Christensen (who goes by "Larry Christensen" online) with immporal or unprofessional conduct, by engaging in conduct that constitute a danger to the health or safety of a patient or the public. This is based on several violations, including having engaged in sexual intimacies with a patient. 

While under investigation by the Board, Christensen admitted that he provided psychotherapy to "Client A," an adult female patient, from July 22, 2014 to March 31, 2016. He further admitted that he began a personal and physical relationship with the patient in April 2017--within two years of the termination fo the therapist-patient relationship. It was an intimate sexual relationship, according to the Order.

The Order also states that Christensen provided therapy to "Client B," and adult female between 2004 and 2006 and that during the course of therapy, he made a number of personal disclosures the patient, such as that he was attracted to her and asking her on at least one occasion "Will you be my girlfriend?" He also shared intimate details from his own life and talked with her about imagining they were in a relationship. His conduct caused the patient to suffer confusion and emotional regarding the nature of their relationship. 

The Order further states that he engaged in similar conduct with two other adult female patients. Conduct included hugging, holding hands, and saying "I care for you" and "I love you," which caused the patients confusion and emotional distress.

In addition to the surrender of his license, Christensen was required by the Board to pay a $25,000 civil penalty. 

Source: Stipulated Order in the Matter of Laurence W. Christensen, Psy.D, License No. 1556, Agency No. OBPE #2017-060, Board of Psychology, State of Oregon, May 11, 2018.


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