Danish Psychiatrist Kim Eisenreich (Jørgen Holtz) Convicted for a Third Time for Sex with Patient; Loses License

September 26, 2018

(Translated from Danish)

For years now, 52-year-old psychiatrist Kim Eisenreich used a former patient's mental illness to have sex with her.

A court in Glostrup convicted him Friday, and sentenced him to imprisonment for 15 months.

This is the third time that the psychiatrist has been convicted for engaging in sex with vulnerable patients.

In 2011, he was sentenced to one year in prison in Norway for sexually abusing a female patient while practicing under his former name, Kim Jørgen Holtz.

And in April 2017, he received a new sentenced of three months in Aarhus (second largest city in Denmark) for abuse of his position in order to have had sex with a patient over a 10-month period.

The punishment from Aarhus, confirmed by the Vestre Landsret, came on Friday in the current verdict, because the perpetrators in the two cases overlapped each other.

Therefore, the court in Glostrup judged a total sentence of 15 months in prison. The judge had Eisenreich taken into custody immediately after the sentence was read.

The court in Glostrup found that during a five-year period (2011-2016), Eisenreich  took advantage of a now 55-year-old woman's mental illness for sex.

According to the accusation, Eisenreich had in many cases acquired sexual intercourse and other sexual relations with the woman in different places.

"To exploit a person's mental illness for a sexual relationship is very serious and fortunately also very unusual. I am very pleased that the court has chosen to follow the prosecutor in this case," said senior prosecutor Peter Rask.

Eisenreich explained in court that it was a love relationship, but the woman had a different view, explaining that she felt like a robot that mechanically followed the wishes of the psychiatrist. And the court has largely chosen to accept her testimony for the verdict.

Danish law prohibits anyone from exploiting the frailty of retarded and mentally ill to obtain sex. 

"The insane and the mentally retarded, they need society's protection," it said, among other things, from prosecutor Peter Rask at Friday's hearing.

The National Board of Health has today deprived him of his authorization as a doctor.

Source: "Psykiater sex-domt for rredge gang," B.T., September 21, 2018, URL: https://www.bt.dk/krimi/psykiater-sex-doemt-for-tredje-gang


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