Psychiatrist Michael J. Cosgrove: Accusation of Unprofessional Conduct

August 3, 2018

Napa, CA - Psychiatrist Michael J. Cosgrove was seen walking through a parking lot on his way to work. A police officer observed that Cosgrove walked “with an unsteady gait and appeared to have difficulty trying to keep his balance.” Another officer reported that Cosgrove looked “visibly intoxicated.” Cosgrove’s breath “smelled of alcohol” and his body swayed from side to side, even while sitting down.
In a later interview, in February, Cosgrove account changed, saying he did not drink as much alcohol and stopped drinking earlier than 4 a.m. He claimed he had twisted his ankle, which contributed to his gait appearing abnormal, and that a prior surgery from years ago effected the way he walked. 
To determine how Cosgrove will be disciplined, the state medical board will also be considering several other incidents involving Cosgrove and alcohol, including a DUI in April 2003 and a DUI in March 2007. As a result of those cases, in May 2009, Cosgrove’s medical license was revoked but that revocation was stayed and probation was granted.
The current charges Cosgrove faces, filed on July 11, will result in possible disciplinary actions including revoking or suspending his license, removing his approval of supervision of other health care workers or probation.
Jennifer Huffman, "Napa State psychiatrist in Trump election funk faces accusation from medical board," Napa News, 3 Aug 2018,


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