Psychologist Alethea Young Suspended Over Ethics Violations

July 27, 2018

Lyme, NH — The New Hampshire Board of Psychologists has suspended the license of Psychologist Alethea Young for 10 months in a case that involves ethical boundaries. According to the July 6 order, the board found that Young had engaged in unprofessional conduct by violating an ethical boundary during the course of her treatment of the then-teenaged patient in 2013, and that Young was not sufficiently remorseful for her actions.
“In light of the evidence and testimony, there remains a risk of harm to the public and public safety,” the board wrote.“Young’s testimony was devoid of any understanding of potential harm to the victim and the victim’s family and lacked insight and perspective as to the severity of the ethical violations,” the board wrote.
In the settlement agreement, Young, who is an adjunct associate professor at Dartmough, agreed to continue not treating patients under the age of 18, is required to pay a fine of $7,500, participate in 42 hours of continuing education and have her license suspensed for up to one year.
Youngs attorney, Geoffrey Vitt, told the board that a suspension could end Young’s career.
Nora Doyle-Burr, "Lyme Psychologist Suspended Over Ethics," Valley News, 27 July 2018, 


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