Psychiatrist Ovais Badat Further Jailed for Indecent Images of Children

July 9, 2018

Langley Park, UK - Psychiatrist Ovais Badat is already convicted for supplying cocaine, making articles for use in frauds, fraud and possessing Class B drug Ketamine. Now Badat's latest case is for having indecent images of children; a child abuse.
Kerry Barker, prosecuting, said police searched Badat's home and removed a computer and hard-drive. When they were forensically examined evidence of indecent images and videos of children were discovered, the court heard. Mr Barker said the computer contained back-up for Badat's partner's iPad, as well as his and her iPhones. Badat's partner told police she had never accessed child abuse material.
Police established that Badat bought an iMac and iPad from sellers who had supplied them with a factory re-set which wiped them of previous content. Badat told police he bought computers second hand and kept them in a spare room which other people had access to. Mr Barker told the jury that due to evidence including search terms it was the prosecution's case that it was Badat who downloaded the material.
A police spokesman added: "Badat was already serving a two-and-a-half-year sentence for the previous convictions. He was sentenced to 10 months for the first count of making indecent images to run consecutively, and 10 months each for the other counts to run concurrently."
Geoffrey Bennett, "Cocaine-Supplying ADHD Psychiatrist Further Jailed for Child Abuse Images," Bristol Live, 9 July 2018,


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