Albuquerque Psychiatrist Edwin B Hall Tied to Six Patient Deaths

July 4, 2018

Albuquerque, NM - Psychiatrist Ewdin B Hall has agreed to surrender his medical license amid several allegations including:
• Being identified by New Mexico Board of Pharmacy as a practitioner whose prescribing of controlled substances and met the “high-risk” criteria and is identified as a “high-risk prescriber.” 
• Having signed applications for his patients seeking to obtain medical cannabis after his license was suspended by the board in October 2017.
• Having an individual without a New Mexico medical license who voluntarily surrendered his license in another jurisdiction was allowed to treat patients and bill under Hall’s name and Medicaid number since at least the fall of 2013.
• Having six patients who received treatment at Hall's practice died. A board spokeswoman said the board had evidence that Hall “prescribed controlled substance medications and combinations of medications in a manner posing a threat to the health of his minor and adult patients," six dying as a result of an overdose.
Hall must pay $5,000 in fines and $2,500 in fees associated with a board investigation and has agreed not to re-apply for a medical license in New Mexico. Hall’s psychiatry practice is now closed.
Hall admits no wrongdoing.
Marie C. Baca, "Med board: ABQ doctor tied to six patient deaths," Albuquerque Journal, 4 July 2018,


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