Psychologist Jennifer Jiang Guilty of Professional Misconduct

May 28, 2018

Psychologist Jennifer Jiang allegedly obtained confidential client information from her previous employer and made claims to Medicare for psychological services for two clients while her registration was suspended. Jiang denied that she used a Medicare Provider number for services to a client. She stated that her decision making capacity was clouded by her mental illness, claiming that if she had utilized the provider number, that she was not aware of it.
Jiang admits that between February and March 2016, she worked as a psychologist and provided psychological services as well as sending in Medicare claims while her registration was suspended. She states that she was not aware that her psychologist registration was suspended until April 2016. 
Jiang was personally hospitlaized numerous times, voluntarily and involuntary, diagnosed with a variety of mental condtions, and one time admitted after reporting that she thought she had been poisoned but offers evidence of her competence via the positive constructive feedback from her clients, indicating that she has the capacity to provide good professional services as a psychologist.
Jiang is found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct and professional misconduct.
"Health Care Complaints Commission v Jiang," New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal - Occupational Division, 28 May 218,


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