Psychologist Eric Felsch Pleads Guilty to Sex with a Client

April 9, 2018

Psychologist Eric Felsch accused of sleeping with his psychotherapy patient pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault. Felsch initially faced two charges of third-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly having sex with a client, in and outside therapy sessions. He pleaded guilty to one charge of criminal sexual conduct outside of a session, while an ongoing patient-therapist relationship existed. 
It is against Minnesota law for a psychotherapist to have sex with a patient during or outside of a therapy session. A defendant facing that charge cannot defend himself by saying the victim consented to the sexual activity. Sex with clients is also against ethical codes taught to psychologists. 
Court filings accused Felsch of having sex with a client between 2011 and 2013. He also has a disciplinary record with the Minnesota Board of Psychology for inappropriate behavior with clients between 2008 and 2013. Felsch touched his clients in the course of his therapy, according to the board's documents. He allowed one client to wash his bare feet and kissed her on the head and wrist.
Felsch regained his unlimited license in 2016 after complying with a number of requirements set by the board, including therapy and training. His license is still listed as active and amid a disciplinary action. It will expire at the end of May. Felsch will return to the courtroom June 14 for sentencing.
Nora G. Hertel, "St. Cloud psychologist pleads guilty to sex with a client," St. Cloud Times, 9 April 2018,


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