Psychologist Surrenders License Due to Sexual Misconduct

June 12, 2018

Psychologist Melvin Rabin, accused of having sex with a patient, has surrendered his license in a letter to regulators acknowledging that he put the patient “at risk of harm” and failed to maintain professional boundaries. In his letter. 
Rabin, who is 72, said he has stopped practicing, canceled his office lease, and terminated his clients. He also surrendered his New Jersey license and pledged that he will not attempt to renew or reinstate any license to practice in any jurisdiction.
Sex between a psychotherapist and a patient is considered one of the most serious breaches of professional ethics, so serious that it is a crime in half of the states.
Rabin’s resignation was dated Tuesday, the day after the Boston Globe reported on Lisa Grover’s allegations that Rabin violated therapist-patient boundaries, starting with phone calls and flirtatious e-mails and progressing to hugs and kisses and eventually sex on his office couch. Grover, had gone to Rabin for help recovering from childhood sexual abuse.
Felice J. Freyer,"Psychologist accused of sex with patient surrenders license,"Boston Globe, 8 June 2018,


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