San Diego Psychiatrist's License Suspended for Reportedly Practicing While Intoxicated

May 9, 2018

According to the Medical Board of California, Psychiatrist Marco Antonio Chavez’s license was suspended following an investigation. The investigation began after authorities say a patient reported that Chavez sent him a box of medication in 2017 that contained an empty vodka bottle.

During one of several office visits, an investigator said Chavez appeared to be intoxicated. The investigator told Chavez he believed he was “so intoxicated that he could not practice medicine”. A test conducted by a San Diego Police officer shows that Chavez had a blood alcohol level of .216. Chavez told the investigator that his mother gave him a “Mexican home remedy to stop his drinking” which consisted of vodka and cloves.

Authorities say Chavez’s license was suspended on May 7. 


Zac Self, "San Diego doctor's license suspended for reportedly practicing while intoxicated", KGTV-TV San Diego, 8 May 2018,


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