NY State Precludes Indicted Psychiatrist Pamela Buchbinder From Practicing

April 19, 2018

On April 19, 2018, the New York State Department of Health issued an Interim Order of Conditions ("Order") on psychiatrist Pamela Lyn Buchbinder.

The Order precludes Buchbinder from practicing medicine in New York State. "I understand that the New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct is investigating alleged misconduct by me," the Order states "and may pursue a proceeding...with respect to matters under investigation."

Though the Order makes reference to an "Exhibit A," which is supposed to contain a description of the matters under investigation, no such exhibit is attached. 

However, it is likely that the matter under investigation is Buchbinder's October 19, 2017 indictment for 2012 attempted murder of the father of their then-six-year-old son, following disputes over custody and visitation. The indictment alleged that Buchbinder enlisted her then-19-year-old cousin, himself a psychiatric patient, to bludgeon the father with a sledgehammer.  

The man survived the attack and ultimately won full custody of the child. 

Buchbinder current resides at the Rose M. Singer Center, at New York's Riker's Island prison, which houses detained and sentenced female adults and adolescents.


Source: Interim Order of Conditions in the Matter of Pamela Lyn Buchbinder, M.D., New York State Dept of Health State Board for Professional Medical Conduct, April 19, 2018; NYC Dept of Correction Inmate Lookup Service entry for Pamela Buchbinder, ID #07067047J; and Larry Celona, "Psychiatrist indicted in bludgeoning of baby daddy with a sledgehammer," New York Post, October 19,  2017.

Someone Who Knows the Truth
2018-07-11 08:33:05
The case against Pamela Bucbinder is bogus. The case should be dropped because, the sad truth is, as I have heard since 2009 and before, so this is from a reliable source to me, is that Pamela was raped by her child%u2019s father. The rape is when the child was conceived. The rape was reported by the victim at the time, but no one did anything. And Pamela kept the rape/conception from her child and many people because of the shame and self-loathing her rapist put in her mind when he raped her and victimized her and threatened her entire life. 6%u20193%u201D 200 man v 5%u20194%u201D 120 woman. #metoo long before people cared. Not a motive for killing someone who you kept his child from rape, yet still allowed this man to see that child for 6 years... then brainwash a lifetime psychologically damaged cousin to do it with a sledge hammer the next day after buying it... sounds like a long wait for a moronic plan for murder. Maybe psychologically ill cousin snapped because he found out about the rape... hmmm... too many questions here and a lot of stupid looking actions for a %u201Csuppposed%u201D maniacal, mastermind, manipulative psychotic psychologist... she can brainwash a person, but then gives him the kitchen knife from her kitchen to go kill him... please someone look into the alleged rapist father Mr. Michael Weiss. There%u2019s more to this than the simple media wants to report.

2019-01-19 10:40:35
Pamela will never get a fair trial.here in the UK we have heard about the case against her.in the UK rarely are reporters allowed to do so.mr.nolan should never be believed.i wish Pamela all the best in the future
Pass my regards Mr .v
Jacon58@yahoo.co.u k

Wray Lausen
2019-03-18 17:25:33
Why would the mother of this child ever say that he was a product of rape. That in itself is child abuse. She dated this man and it didn%u2019t work out. Then he took out of life insurance policy that would go to Dr. Pam and it was over a million dollars.
She has her cousin who has bi-polar disorder come live with her and manipulates him to kill the child%u2019s father.
This woman is guilty and there%u2019s evidence. She was involved in the plot to kill her ex lover.

Tim anderson
2019-06-07 06:09:37
She is guilty as hell.she bought the sledge hammer gave him the knife packed the bag gave him a map she drew. More guilty than the kid. Throw the book at her teach her all about prison and prison love

2019-06-25 02:42:58

2020-02-14 10:54:59
Pamela is guilty as sin. She seemed to be having a very inappropriate relationship with her cousin. What grown woman cuddles/spoons under a blanket with their younger cousin. She groomed him the whole while making out to be the poor damsel in distress and he her shining knight in armour and protector of her child who came in her honor to slay her child's father who posed absolutely 0 threat to her nor him and never saw the attack coming. The man had his son's best interest at heart by simply wanting to share custody and even leaving him a large sum of money in his life insurance policy that she herself would be trustee of..

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