California Revokes Psychologist James Medina's License for Sexual Misconduct

April 6, 2018


On September 14, 2017, the California Board of Psychology revoked James Medina's license. 

The Board's Order of Decision states that Medina treated a female patient from July 2008 until summer 2014. The patient was 27 years old at the start and had disclosed to the Medina that she was an adult survivor of child sexual abuse. 

The Board concluded that Medina had engaged in gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, unprofessional conduct, and sexual misconduct in his treatment of the patient. Further, he kept inadequate and inaccurate records for the patient, among other violations. 

The document describes Medina's sexualized behavior toward the patient, including personal emails, texts, and social media comments relative to her appearance, sex-related advice, expressions of sexual desire, and unwanted physical contact, such as hugs and rubbing of the back, waist and sides of breasts, and angry expletive-laced texts.  Medina also engaged in social activities with the patient and her friend, gave the patient money on a few occasions, purchased the patient's television, among numerous other treatment and record-keeping violations. 

Source: Order of Decision In the Matter of the First Amended Accusation Against James Medina, Ph.D., California Board of Psychology, October 9, 2017.

James D. Medina Ph.D.
2018-07-04 00:20:38
None of the sexual allegations were true. They were believed because the case was decided at the same time that the allegations against Harvey Weinstein came to light. The prosecuting counsel, in her final Brief, said that, if the plaintiff said it happened, then it happened. This assumes that all allegations of sexual abuse are true. Tell that to Aziz Ansari. That means that all that is required for a "conviction" is her word. No supporting data or testimony were presented to support her allegations. The judge simply chose to believe her.

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