California psychologist accused of smuggling drugs, phones into prison surrenders license

April 3, 2018

California psychologist Jeremy Trimble agreed to surrender his license after being accused of smuggling drugs and cell phones into the Richard J. Donovan state prison while he worked there.

He had been a licensed psychologist since 2010, and had worked as a contract psychologist through July 2015, conducting both group and individual therapy sessions in various units in the prison.

During a session with one inmate, Patient A, Trimble agreed to smuggle in drugs, tobacco and cellphones in exchange for being paid $4,000 per month.  In a session with another inmate, he agreed to smuggle drugs from Mexico into the prison.  Trimble then met a man in Mexico, who identified himself as Patient A's brother and gave him 40 grams of methamphetamine which Trimble then brought across the border and into the prison and delivered to Patient A.

A little over a week later, prison officials found Patient A on the ground near his cell, shaking and unresponsive. Officials later concluded he had tried to commit suicide by overdosing on methamphetamine. 

The board's accusation charged Trimble with committing dishonest and corrupt acts, gross negligence, violating patient confidentiality and violating ethical standards.  

SOURCE: Greg Moran, "Psychologist accused of smuggling drugs, phones into Donovan prison surrenders license," San Diego Union-Tribune, 2 Apr 2018,


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