Georgia psychiatrist re-indicted again in murder case

March 12, 2018

Georgia psychiatrist Narendra K. Nagareddy, who has been accused in the overdose deaths of patients, has been re-indicted again.  

The Clayton County district attorney’s office first indicted the doctor on multiple charges in 2016, including the overdose deaths of three patients. Last year, the county dismissed the first indictment and issued a new one adding three more felony murder charges against the doctor with a new indictment.

Now, Nagareddy has been charged once again in a new indictment that still accuses him of causing the deaths of six patients between 2011 and 2015. But the latest indictment contains fewer counts related to improper prescribing. The 2017 indictment included a total of 71 charges. The doctor now faces 62 charges.  Like the last indictment, the latest one also accuses the doctor of sexual assault by a psychotherapist against a patient.

SOURCE: Carrie Teegardin, "Clayton County psychiatrist re-indicted again in murder case," Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11 Mar 2018,


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