New Jersey psychiatrist surrenders license to prescribe drugs

January 24, 2018

Jay Kuris, a psychiatrist in New Jersey, voluntarily surrendered his license to prescribe drugs after an investigation found he was guilty of gross negligence and indiscriminately prescribing drugs.

In August 2017, Kuris was found guilty by the state Board of Medical Examiners of engaging in gross negligence, engaging in repeated acts of negligence and indiscriminate prescribing.  The charges say Kuris prescribed opioids "indiscriminately" and in excess of what is appropriate. He was also charged with failing to implement "coherent treatment plans." 

On January 12, Kuris gave up his Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) registration.

Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony P. Kearns III said, "By voluntarily surrendering his DEA registration, the doctor surrendered his rights to prescribe and/or write out prescriptions for controlled substances. Dr. Kuris is not allowed to prescribe controlled substances again until he has met all administrative responsibilities as dictated by the State Board of Medical Examiners and Drug Enforcement Agency.”

SOURCE: Mike Deak, "Flemington psychiatrist surrenders license to prescribe drugs," 17 Jan 2018,


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