Investigators accuse psychologist of murdering his wife

October 27, 2017

Investigators have accused psychologist Dr. Gregory Brent Dennis of killing his wife, Susan Winters, and then staging it as a suicide.

When paramedics arrived to Winters' home in 2015, she was unresponsive.  Dennis told them she had tried to commit suicide by drinking antifreeze.  He also later showed detectives internet searches on a home computer claiming that Winters was researching ways to die.

But when Winters was on life support close to death, Dennis tried to call a computer specialist at least 10 times within an eight-hour period to try to wipe the computer clean.  This was a detail that led detectives to re-open the case and accuse Dennis of poisoning his wife.

SOURCE: Nathan O'Neal, "Investigators believe Henderson psychologist staged wife’s suicide, fabricated evidence," KSNV News3LV, 26 Oct 2017,


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