Indian psychiatrist booked for rash driving

October 31, 2017

Lubna Shazore Mirza, a psychiatrist in India, was arrested and booked on charges of rash driving and the creation of a nuisance.

According to witnesses, Lubna was driving  at a high speed and zig-zagging between lanes. Her reckless driving caused her to nearly hit a scooter.  Some bikers followed her car, intercepted it and asked her to drive properly. One of them recorded the episode on his phone, and the video shows Mirza using foul language, abusing the bikers, and even attempting to assault one of them.

A traffic inspector settled the argument and sent everyone on their way, but then saw Mirza once again pick a fight with some bikers.  The inspector filed a complaint with the police, who then arrested and charged her.

SOURCE: "Hyderabad: Psychiatrist creates ruckus on road," Deccan Chronicle, 27 Oct 2017,


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