Former Australian psychologist still advertising services despite being struck off

October 26, 2017

Marek Jantos, a former psychologist in Australia, is still advertising himself online as a chronic pain consultant, listing various credentials including a PhD, despite having previously lost his license to practice.

He was previously found guilty of gross professional negligence, malpractice and misconduct after the South Australia Psychology Board found he had subjected a female patient to invasive treatment and inappropriate touching, without dignity or hygiene.  After that 2007 finding, his license was revoked.  

He is now accused of unlawfully using a protected medical title between 2014 and last year.  He will face Adelaide Magistrates Court again early next year. 

SOURCE: Tory Shepherd, "Marek Jantos, Adelaide former psychologist, still advertising chronic pain management despite charges," The Advertiser, 24 Oct 2017,


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