New York psychiatrist indicted for the attempted murder of her son's father

October 20, 2017

Dr. Pamela Buchbinder, a psychiatrist in New York, has been indicted in the 2012 attempted sledgehammer murder of her son's father.  

The indictment alleges that Buchbinder enlisted her young cousin to bludgeon and stab Dr. Michael Weiss. The two parents had been arguing over visitation for their then-6-year-old son, and three days before Weiss’s murder, Buchbinder had successfully demanded that he name her as beneficiary on his $1.5 million life insurance policy.

Since then, Weiss, who survived the attack, has won full custody of the boy.

Larry Celona, "Psychiatrist indicted in bludgeoning of baby daddy with a sledgehammer," New York Post, 19 Oct 2017,


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