Psychiatrist loses appeal to be allowed to continue practicing until hearing

October 4, 2017

Australian psychiatrist Robert Hampshire, who was caught sending lewd late-night texts to a client after a day of drinking, lost his appeal to be allowed to continue practicing while he waits for a full hearing of the matter.

Hampshire has a troubled history with the Medical Council, as pointed out by Acting Judge Frank Marks of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal.  Judge Marks found the Dr. Hampshire represented "a risk to the health and safety of the public."

An article in the Sidney Morning Herald (link below) details his troubles over the past decade, including self-administering pethidine (a pain reliever), stealing prescription forms, intoxication and more.

SOURCE: Kate McClymont, "Society shrink Dr Robert Hampshire's career in tatters over lewd calls," Sydney Morning Herald, 2 Oct 2017,


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