California psychiatrist allegedly fondled and groped patient

August 31, 2017

Dr. Leon Fajerman, a 74-year-old psychiatrist in Chula Vista, California, allegedly placed a female patient’s appointment card on her breast, then kissed and fondled her, despite the woman’s efforts to stop him.

According to a ruling by an Administrative Law Judge, the doctor “took advantage of [the patient’s] vulnerability and dependence on him for treatment of her psychiatric condition.”

At a hearing on August 14, Dr. Fajerman and his attorney challenged a suspension that was placed on his license on July 27.  Fajerman denied the allegations made by the woman.  Evidence against the doctor includes two-tape recorded phone calls the patient had with Fajerman after the incident.  According to the transcript, when the patient insisted that he had touched her inappropriately, he responded: "...and you did not like it?"

The judge decided that allowing Fajerman to resume seeing patients, even with a prohibition against treating adult females, would "endanger the public health, safety and welfare."

SOURCE: Paul Krueger, "Patient: Doctor Placed Appointment Card on My Breasts, Fondled and Groped Me," NBC7 Investigates, 28 Aug 2017,


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