Psychiatrist convicted of raping a patient gets additional sentence for jury tampering

August 11, 2017

Marshall Hubsher, an unlicensed psychiatrist from Sands Point who was convicted of raping one of his patients in 2012, was sentenced to serve 1 to 3 years in prison after having pleaded guilty to burglary and to tampering with a juror. The DA says Hubsher disguised himself in court, entered a private jury room and taped falsified jury instructions to the tables and doors in an attempt to sway the outcome in his favor. In the past, Hubscher has also been arrested for allegedly selling prescriptions for addictive drugs to patents for cash.

SOURCE: Paige McAtee, "Former Sands Point Doctor Sentenced To Prison For Jury Tampering At Rape Trial," Port Washington Patch, 9 Aug 2017,


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