Psychologists accused of designing CIA torture program to face trial

August 8, 2017

Two former US CIA psychologists, James Mitchell and John “Bruce” Jessen, accused of being architects of Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] “enhanced interrogation techniques,” are set to face trial in federal court. The lawsuit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of two men who were captured and detained by the CIA and the family of a third who died of hypothermia while in custody. It is alleged that all three were tortured while in custody. They were said to have been beaten, deprived of sleep, forced to endure extreme temperatures and subjected to a form of waterboarding.

In support of arguments that the two psychologists were directly involved in designing the questionalble “enhanced interrogation techniques,” the judge noted that Mr Jessen “played a significant role” in the interrogation of Gul Rahman, the defendant who died in custody. The complaint alleges, Mr Mitchell and Mr Jessen violated international norms and were liable for “war crimes” for their part in designing the torture and treatment methods.

SOURCE: Jeremy B. White, "Psychologists accused of designing CIA 'torture' programme to face trial," The Independent (UK), 8 Aug 2017,

2018-04-26 17:16:41
Illegal inhanced interagation and torture through denial of service wweopons and racketeering from dept of homeland security...need representation along with many others

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