Connecticut psychiatrist involved in deadly hit-and-run

July 14, 2017

In 2016, Juan Sosa, an 80-year-old psychiatrist in Connecticut, drove a car that struck and killed a 76-year-old woman crossing a highway and then left the scene.  Police determined that the woman caused the accident, but Sosa was charged with evading responsibility.  

He is now requesting accelerated rehabilitation (AR), which would wipe the criminal charges off his record in 13 months if he followed court orders and wasn't arrested during that time.

The victims family said they didn't understand why he didn't stop the car. Sosa told police that he knew he had hit something but didn't think it was a person or an animal.  The prosecutor on the case said Sosa's version of events following the accident didn't add up and he shouldn't be allowed to get AR based on the law.

SOURCE: Dave Altimari, "Psychiatrist Wants Accelerated Rehabilitation In Deadly Hit-And-Run," Harford Courant, 12 Jul 2017,


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