Psychiatrist accused of inappropriate behavior with four women

July 13, 2017

A medical tribunal in the United Kingdom is hearing the case against psychiatrist Dr. Rajesh Jain, who has been accused of inappropriate behavior in consultations with four women.  

He allegedly rubbed his thighs and licked his lips as he counselled a woman over her love life, asked a woman who was living with both her partner and ex-husband, 'what do you do - line them up at night and pick the one you're going to sleep with?'and left another patient in tears when he told her 'It would be impossible to be anally raped without the use of lubrication.'

Jain apparently said some of his actions were 'mannerisms and habits' he had developed through the years - and he meant nothing by them.  He claimed there may have been 'some misunderstanding and a communication gap' and claimed he had an interest in 'sexual dysfunction.'

SOURCE: Paddy Dinham, "Psychiatrist 'rubbed his thighs, licked his lips and darted his tongue in and out as he grilled patient over her sex life,'" Daily Mail, 13 Jul 2017,


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