Key Evidence in Psychologist's Murder Trial Will Include Antifreeze

July 3, 2017

According to the 8 News NOW I-Team, two bottles of outdated antifreeze could play a key role in the upcoming murder trial of psychologist Dr. Gregory "Brent" Dennis.  Dennis has been accused of murdering his wife in 2015.  At the time of her death, she had lethal amounts both oxycodone and a chemical found in antifreeze in her system.  

As detailed by the I-Team report, prosecutors are zeroing in on several mysteries regarding two bottles of antifreeze found in Dennis' home and discrepancies in comments Dennis has made about them. 

A preliminary hearing in the murder case is scheduled for August.

SOURCE: George Knapp, "I-Team: Antifreeze will be key evidence in psychologist's murder trial," Las Vegas Now, 30 Jun 2017,


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