Illinois discipline psyhciatrist Joseph Haraszti relative to patient death

April 24, 2014

In December 2013, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation placed psychiatrist Joseph Haraszti on probation in response to disciplinary action taken against him by the medical licensing authority of the state of California.

On August 24, 2012, the Medical Board of California placed Haraszti on probation for two years with terms and conditions for negligence in overall care and treatment of a patient who died.

The state’s document cites specifically that Haraszti failed to appropriately detoxify the patient from alcohol and opiate drugs. The document notes numerous failures to monitor and document the patient’s vital signs, including an entry in the patient’s record that stated that he “slept through the night without incident. Monitored every 15 minutes for safety,” he was found dead three hours later by this therapist.


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