State disciplines psychiatrist William B. Lyles unprofessional conduct

August 19, 2009

The Wisconsin Medical Examining Board reprimanded child psychiatrist William Bradford Lyles for unprofessional conduct.  According to the Board’s Order, Lyles is a partner in a practice with two social workers.  He is also the medical director of the practice.  The state’s disciplinary action was based on the Board’s investigation, which found that Lyles, when going on medical leave in November 2007, provided the social workers with three blank, signed prescription forms to be used for patients needing immediate refills of Schedule II stimulants (i.e., in the absence of an examination); on March 4, 2008, Lyles did not have complete and accurate records of the receipt of sample medications, nor were there any records of the disposal of such medications by means other than dispensing; Lyles has prescribed both general medical and psychiatric drugs to himself, several of his staff and to relatives of staff members without keeping charts fully meeting state requirements.  Each of these actions or omissions is a violation of the state’s Administrative Code and/or Wisconsin state law.  In addition to a reprimand, Lyles is required to provide, no later than December 31, 2009, proof of having completed eight hours of continuing medical education in the area of medical ethics.  He must also pay $6,100 to the Board by October 31, 2009 for the partial costs of the state’s investigation and prosecution.  Failure to pay the costs on time will result in the suspension of his license until costs plus interest are paid.

(Final Decision and Order, In the Matter of Disciplinary Proceedings Against William B. Lyles, M.D., LS0808201MED, Division of Enforcement Case #05 MED 175, Wisconsin Medical Examining Board, August 19, 2009.)

Penny Pretentious
2011-01-22 16:13:08
What a maroon.

Matthew Fischer
2016-02-17 23:00:37
I knew this man he was my doctor for a few years.He tried his best to help me. I was really sick during that time and he helped me alot.He's a good man cut him some slack.

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