State revokes psychiatrist Prasad Yalavarthi’s license following 2005 Nebraska revocation

August 19, 2009

The Wisconsin Medical Examining Board revoked psychiatrist Prasad V. Yalavarthi’s license for unprofessional conduct for failing to respond to the Board’s communications.  The state of North Dakota revoked Yalavarthi’s license in December 2005 following a complaint which alleged that Yalavarthi has a disability materially affecting his ability to perform the duties of a physician in a competent manner.  The complaint specifically alleged that Yalavarthi has habitually used alcohol and, on two occasions in 2005, tested positive for excessive use of alcohol while engaged in the practice of medicine at his place of employment.  The Wisconsin Board afforded Yalavarthi an opportunity for a hearing but numerous attempts to reach him at his last known address were all returned as undeliverable.

(Final Decision and Order, In the Matter of Disciplinary Proceedings Against Prasad V. Yalavarthi, M.D., LS0902251MED, Division of Enforcement Case #06 MED 183, Wisconsin Medical Examining Board, August 19, 2009.)


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