New York discipline psychiatrist Royle Miralles, noted as highest paid county employee, for numerous instances of negligence, incompetence

August 3, 2009

The New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct suspended psychiatrist Royle Miralles for five years for negligence, incompetence and numerous recordkeeping violations.  Suspension was stayed and he was placed on five years probation with terms and conditions.  Miralles, who is reported as being the highest-paid county employee in Wayne County, New York ($179,000 a year), was subsequently suspended from his position as a staff psychiatrist for the Wayne County Behavioral Health Network.  The Board’s statement of charges against Miralles, which constitute the grounds for his probation, regard Miralles’ treatment failures regarding seven patients, including: Failing to perform and/or document an adequate comprehensive psychiatric evaluation; failing to adequately monitor lithium levels; failing to adequately assess and/or document adequate assessment of tardive dyskinesia (an incurable motor disorder resulting in facial and other muscle contortions, which is a known side effect of antipsychotic drugs); failing to obtain and/or document informed consent for medicines prescribed; failing to adequately monitor blood sugar levels, lipid profiles, weight and/or girth during treatment with atypical antipsychotic drugs; failing to maintain accurate medical records; failing to monitor liver function and coagulation status prior to and during treatment relative to a particular drug (which requires these tests) and failing to correctly diagnose.

(Consent Order in the Matter of Royle Miralles, M.D., BPMC No. #09-150, New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct, August 3, 2009 and “I-Team 10 uncovers psychiatrist’s negligence, doctor suspended,”, August 5, 2009.)


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