Psychologist Julian B. Metter surrenders his license for Medicare fraud, other violations

July 29, 2009

Julian B. Metter, Ph.D. surrendered his license to the Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology.  On or about June 25, 2009, Metter pleaded guilty to one felony count of Medicare billing fraud, having billed for services reported as delivered at a time when he was not actually in the area where the services were reported as delivered.  Additionally, Metter displayed “gross incompetence, negligence or misconduct,” committed “immoral or unprofessional conduct,” engaged in improper dual relationships with clients (the state’s document says that he allowed a client family “to use the energy bed, shower and hot tub” at his home) and provided services outside the scope of his license and the boundaries of his competence, education and training (including carbon dioxide therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Swedish massage and a long list of other therapies outside the scope of the practice of psychology).

(Consent Agreement and Order, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Julian B. Metter, Ph.D., Docket No. 1404-63-09, File No. 06-63-08200, 08-63-01170 and 08-63-10481, July 29, 2009.)

Eileen Lux
2012-05-14 14:50:59
Mr. Metter was my Psychologist and was using Carbon Dioxide Therapy to drug his patients and then brain washed them into the fact that he was the only one that could save them. He preyed on vulenerable physically ill, psychologically ill and most in troubled family situations. In my case my spouse worked for him and said that unless I saw him and tried to get help our marriage was over. He eventually knew of my husbands choking me had me move into his home where he kept a second set up of the Carbon Dioxide and would perform this procedure of breathing in Carbon Dioxide with smaller amounts of oxygen until I was unconscious. At times I would wake up with different clothes on, have panic attacks, I had video tapes where I screamed as I came out of the treatment one day begging my spouse to "GET ME OUT OF THERE" TO NO AVAIL. he eventually fired my spouse when my spouse actually scared him and he was afraid of his temper. He would put me in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for punishment one time without allowing oxygen in for over 45 minutes and told me when i got out that he could put me in there any time if I threatened to tell the insurance companies about his fraudulent billing. One night (and later we found out I had stopped breathing several times through witnesses) he let me breathe the Carbon Dioxide I stopped breathing and had to have CPR performed on me and when I asked him what happened when I awoke in a different room with different clothes on and had been on the hyperbaric oxygen gurney, he told me that I had stopped breathing and he had performed CPR and that he brought me back after 7 minutes, yes I do have permanent brain damage, So I asked him to call an ambulance or take me to the hospital but he wouldn't he told me they would not understand. He found that I had 132 different personalities, as he did therapy, which always included hypnosis and from either Octoober 2002-2003 I had Carbon Dioxide Therapy 6-7 times a day, he even kept one in my bedroom to do it during the night he did this 6- days a week for hours at a time, one time when he went to pick up the carbon dioxide the lady asked if "someone was drinking it?". I had 11 Video's of his work, and went to the FBI but all they did was go after him for the Fraudulent Medicare Billing and no one ever criminally charged him, so I was told if I charged him civilly it would stop him, but now know why he told me one day if he lost his license it would be no big deal as he can still work as a therapist or alternative healer or massage therapist. This man is dangerous and I do not understand why he is not being held accountable other tha a civil suit which isn't going to stop him, although he was found guilty on 4 counts and the jury was unanimous that he was guilty, and they awarded 16.5 million dollars but don't worry I'm lucky if I come out of it with a cent. Also, now Medicare sent me a letter asking me to repay the 109,000 dollars they paid him for my care. In other words, money they paid him for treatment and he spent by going to Greece and other countries, they want me to pay them back, even though I never received any money or compensation and can't understand why they wouldn't have him pay it back. He charged over $574,000 to medicare in 2-3 years in two of those years $275,000 plus was just for my therapy and yet they only had him repay 32,000 and or 13,000. The Case is under EL VS Julian B Metter, PH.D. and Associates and is on file at the Centre County Court house in Bellefonte, PA with the tapes, I would appreciate it if the right person sees this that they read the tapes and truly stop this man, as I personally saw what he and how he worked with at least 15 other clients and he advertised that he could cure aids, lymes, cancer, autism, every disease that people have, not one cancer patient was cured and one patient died in my arms. As he had me helping me around the office and was training me to be a healer after he got all of the darkness out of me. I'm sorry but I'm very disappointed in our Justice System, my chldren while raised and my grandchildren no longer have the same mother or grandmother they had before that man and his "assistant" my spouse who stood and watched and helped and did absolutely nothing to help and worked as a Electronic Engineers Aid at PSU had absolutely no training in Psychology, Therapy, etc, and had many issues of his own, was not held accountable at all. The FBI or Attorney General's office was given everything from me so that they would have their case and yet they did not hand any of if back to the Police Department in State College to investigate and I was told by the jury that this should have 100% been a criminal case both men should have been held accountable and no money in the world would make me better, but they made it that high of an amount to make a Statement. I don't know who you people know but if there is any way you can assist me in seeing that all that could possibly be done in this case and that the State College Borough Police should not have just given the case to the FBI or Attorney General's Office to get him for Fraud and failed to (even though they saw the video tapes) to do nothing I would appreciate it. That is why I did come out with my name because at this point I am just upset that I don't feel enough was done to protect me and or other's from vulnerable people or Psychologist under the guise of their "Dr." being put before their name and knowing the worst is a slap on the hands I would appreciate it. Thank you eileen Lux PS the Case was held in Bellefonte PA Courthouse from February 9=16th and he was even fired by his insurance company as they wanted him to settle and so he was his own lawyer, and he put me and my family on trial not himself. He also never helped my marriage, he manipulated every part of my life he could, spouse, children and nuclear family as well as friends, told me I was fat when I wasn't and he broke up other marriage's and had affairs with past clients, the stories he told me were not only vulgar but very detailed and worst than I'm sure a porn movie and I still even though I haven't seen him in a little over 4 years have anxiety attacks and nightmares about this man.

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