State places psychiatrist Mariano A. Galang on restricted practice

July 15, 2009

The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure placed conditions on psychiatrist Mariano Galang’s practice which are to remain in effect for five years.  The conditions include a prohibition from interacting or being in the presence of a female patient unless accompanied at all times by an individual who has agreed to serve as a chaperon.  According to the Board’s document, Galang engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with two patients.  Specifically, the document states that in 2002 he hugged, kissed, fondled a patient’s breast and buttocks, pressed himself against her and tried to force her to touch his genitals.  In 2007 he asked another patient at a mental health center if she was a stripper and if he had seen her at a local club.  He then kept trying to touch her and rub his hands over her, the complaint said.  He attempted to kiss her on the mouth and to hug her as she started to walk away; he additionally inquired about how many tattoos she had and if she had a roommate.  Galang denied both patients’ allegations but the Board’s document includes information from five individuals that support or validate the first patient’s allegations.

(Agreed Order, In Re: The License to Practice Medicine in the Commonwealth of Kentucky Held by Mariano A. Galang, M.D., License No. 27611, Commonwealth of Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, Case No. 1204, July 16, 2009.)


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