Psychiatrist Marcy Traum gives up training license

January 13, 2014

On September 6, 2013, the New Hampshire Board of Medicine accepted the surrender of psychiatrist Marcy K. Traum’s training license. In 2008, Traum entered the New Hampshire Professionals Health Program (PHP) for assistance in her recovery from alcoholism. In September 2011, Traum self-reported to PHP that she had violated the terms of her PHP contract. She surrendered her license to settle the Board’s pending matter against her.

2015-04-16 18:54:25
Marcy displays significant mental health issues than everyone should be aware of who comes in contact with her!! her to get "some" background information (arrest, surrender of professional license)... ...she presents as if seemingly "typical" and fun..but her thoughts and actions are way off...and watch for any substance usage....they do not mix well with her mental health issues...comparatively speaking, she slithers like a snake...and bites like a fisher out for this one!

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