State revokes license of counselor Bethany McLemore; claimed to be God

January 8, 2014

On August 30, 2013, the Virginia Board of Counseling revoked the license of licensed professional counselor Bethany McLemore. The Board’s document states that McLemore entered into dual relationships with five counseling clients by inviting them to participate in bible study group, which increased the risk of harm to the clients because it enabled her to exert inappropriate and disturbing control over the clients’ personal and family relationships and activities. “McLemore manipulated her clients by encouraging them to leave their husbands or other family members and said God was ordering these events,” the Board’s document states. “In another group,” it states, “she stated…”’I am the Lord God’ and then told them group members what God was saying.”

2018-03-20 10:20:26
The problem is, she's still carrying on these activities without a license. She is still has influence over a small group of people advising them.

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