Psychiatrist Raymond Potterf, under investigation, gives up license

December 26, 2013

On August 30, 2013, psychiatrist Raymond Potterf voluntarily surrendered his license to the Texas Medical Board and agreed to not petition the Board for reinstatement in lieu of no further disciplinary hearings. Potterf was under investigation by the Board on allegations that he non-therapeutically prescribed controlled substances to one patient and engaged in inappropriate conduct with another.

Past patient
2019-03-14 15:06:54
Raymond Potterf Used to make me have phone sex with him and when I wouldn't he would take away my pain medication. He gave me combinations of drugs that actually caused psychiatric issues. One time he injected me intravenously with Haldol in several separate syringes fully knowing that I have a terrible dystonic reaction to Haldol. He had his nurse hold me down when my muscles started to clampdown. His staff wheeled me out of the office on a desk chair according to my mother and when I woke up three days later I felt pain like I had been penetrated. I came to him for help with severe depression and he gave me all kinds of diagnoses that according to other physicians I do not have. He did so because he wanted me to be hospitalized where he worked so he would have unlimited/unsupervised access to me. This individual ruined my life and my parents forced me to see this person and ignored my cries for help thinking I was just making it up. Then they legally forced me to go to his hospital. I suffered extreme horrors because of him. Then he died and left me no way to get closure or justice.

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