State places practice limitations on psychiatrist Kurt R. Guindon following license suspension

June 16, 2009

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts placed a limitation on psychiatrist Kurt Roberts Guindon’s license, two years, during which he “is only allowed to provided patient care in a hospital or clinical environment where his responsibilities are focused on patient care and treatment.”  On February 26, 2009, the Board publicly censured Guindon and suspended him from practice for 60 days for unprofessional and dishonorable conduct.  According to the Board’s Final Order, Guindon failed to have medical malpractice insurance while previously practicing in Kansas; he informed the board that he had such insurance when he did not; claimed in his application to renew his license that he made payment to the Health Care Stabilization Fund as required by law when he actually did not; he did not properly disclose to the Board his professional medical activities while his medical license was in an exempt status.  In addition to the suspension and limitation, Guindon must repay the Board $20,421.93—the cost of the Board’s prosecution of Guindon.

(Final Order, In the Matter of Kurt Roberts Guindon, M.D., Kansas License No. 04-21448, Docket No. 09-HA00191, filed June 16, 2009.)


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