State permanently revokes psychiatrist Michael A. Stockton’s license; Stockton has “history of self-prescribing…dangerous drugs”

June 10, 2009

Psychiatrist Michael A. Stockton surrendered his license to the Medical Board of Ohio, acknowledging that the surrender was in lieu of further investigation related to a physical condition which has rendered him incapable of practicing medicine.  According the entry on the Ohio Medical Board website, Stockton was first disciplined by the Board in November 1997, when he was placed on five years probation with conditions and limitations, based on his “history of self-prescribing of controlled substances and dangerous drugs, which a medical board evaluator characterized as character-driven drug misuse, not chemical dependency per se.  His 2009 surrender is considered a permanent revocation according to the website.

(Entry of Order in the Matter of Michael A. Stockton, D.O., Medical Board of Ohio, June 10, 2009.)


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