English psychiatrist Himanshu Ghadiali loses license for “sexually motivated examinations” of patients

May 19, 2009

The UK General Medical Council (GMC) deregistered consultant psychiatrist Himanshu Ghadiali for sexually motivated examinations of two former patients. Though only found guilty regarding his conduct toward two patients, Ghadiali was charged with violations against five patients, including touching patients’ breasts and/or genitals and conducing internal genital examinations. One patient, known only as “Patient A” said that Ghadiali handled her breasts and conducted an internal examination after she complained of sexual problems with her partner and touched her genitals on two subsequent occasions. “Patient D” told the panel that Ghadiali had touched her private areas on three occasions while she was being treated for “loss of libido” at a Derby (England) hospital. The GMC Fitness to Practice hearing panel that heard the case ruled that Ghadiali’s actions in relation to the two patients demonstrated “a pattern of inappropriate sexual behavior” over a period of years and that he posed a continuing risk of harm to his patients and determined that his ability to practice was impaired.

(“Psychiatrist struck off the medical register,” Derbyshire Telegraph, 19 May 2009.)

2014-01-29 20:03:31
I was a patient of this man at Rochford Hospital in Essex in 1980 and then Basildon Hospital in 1981. It is a pity it took so long for him to be struck off the UK medical register.

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