State yanks psychiatrist Mark Germine's license

June 28, 2013

On June 28, 2013, the Medical Board of California revoked the license of psychiatrist Mark Germine. The Board’s document states that Germine, who worked for the Siskiyou County Behavioral Health Services, was stopped by police on the morning of April 23, 2009 for repeatedly drifting into adjacent traffic lanes on the freeway. He was arrested by the California Highway Patrol. A blood test taken at his arrest revealed the presence of the antidepressants Remeron and Paxil and the anti-anxiety drug Klonopin (though Germine had told police he’d only taken prescription drugs for high blood pressure and high cholesterol). Police notified the Board of his arrest and the Board initiated an investigation of Germine, who responded in a manner indicating persecutory delusions: he wrote to the Board, a newspaper and the Governor to complain that he was being discriminated against by the Board’s investigator. He was found by a Board-appointed evaluator to not be able to practice safely in the State of California.


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