Irish court orders suspension of psychiatrist who lost license in Canada for sex misconduct

July 26, 2013

Dr Bolarinwa Olutosin Oluwole, who had been working as a locum at a medical centre in Dublin until earlier this month, as well as for the Cavan/Monaghan Mental Health Service earlier this year, was struck off by the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) in Nova Scotia arising out of complaints made against him by the women.

All three had gone to him suffering from anxiety and depression while the he was practising as a consultant psychiatrist at Yarmouth
Regional Hospital, Nova Scotia, from January 2008 to March 2010.  

He was struck off by the CPS in October 2012.

According to papers filed in the High Court, one of the women, who was seeking treatment over suicidal thoughts, alleged he took advantage of her by hugging, kissing and touching her, leading to sexual intercourse.

She also alleged he exchanged text messages of a sexual nature as well as gifts.

The second woman complained he commented on her appearance, attempted to hug her and touched her on the knee.

The third woman, who was treated between November 2009 and February 2010, said  he touched and fondled her leading to sexual intercourse during appointments.  She alleged he gave her a nickname and also gave her a greeting card.

Authorities at Yarmouth Hospital also found a CD of sexually explicit photographs of a woman along with condoms, sexual lubricant and a greeting card in his desk, the report of the CPS hearing into his misconduct stated.

Dr Oluwole, who graduated in medicine in Ibadan University in Nigeria, admitted sexual misconduct in a settlement agreement at the CPS hearing but denied having sex with the women.

He came to Ireland where he had previously been registered but his name had been removed for non-payment of fees.  He had re-applied for registration to the Medical Council but on his application form, he failed to disclose, as he was obliged to, that he had been struck off in another jurisdiction.

Source: Tim Healy, "High Court orders suspension of psychiatrist over sex-with-patients allegations," Irish Independent, March 11, 2013.


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