State denies mental health counselor's license application over DUIs

July 18, 2013

On June 6, 2013, the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners denied the licensed associate counselor application of Katie Jebraail.

The Board’s document states that Jebraail had “been filling prescriptions for large amounts of controlled drugs since at least 2007” and noted that she utilized multiple prescribers and multiple pharmacies at once (e.g. “7 prescribers and 4 pharmacies in 2009; 4 providers and 2 pharmacies in 2010….”).

Further, the Board’s document stated that Jebraail deliberately misrepresented details of her DUI arrest (e.g. stated she had a BAC of .003 when it was actually .058 and that she had taken only one Xanax on that day when the police report indicates that she told officers she taken 6-7 Xanax with two beers prior to her arrest); the number of medical providers she’d had for the previous 10 years (she reported to the Board only having three providers when she’d been treated by 15 doctors); prescription medication taken in the last ten years (reported two drugs when pharmacy records show she’s filled prescriptions for nine drugs) and that she is not currently taking any medication for back pain (pharmacy and medical records show that she continues to obtain large amounts of Oxycodone on a monthly basis).


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