Vermont medical board seeks to suspend or revoke psychiatrist Karen Preis’ license for failure to file/pay state taxes

April 24, 2009

The Vermont Board of Medical Practice issued a statement of charges against psychiatrist Karen Preis which states that Preis certified in signing her 2008 physician medical license renewal application that she was in “good standing” as to her Vermont tax obligations.  Vermont law requires that a professional license shall not be issued/renewed unless the licensee certifies that he is in good standing with the Department of Taxes (i.e., all taxes filed and no taxes due, etc.).  However, the Board received notice from the Vermont Department of Taxes in April 2009 stating that Preis “[had] not been in good standing with respect to taxes since October 15, 2007.”  A Board investigator learned that Preis had not filed Vermont tax returns for 2006 and 2007.  The Board will thus seek to suspend or revoke Preis’ license.

(Amended Specification of Charges and Motion to Suspend or Revoke Medical License, In re: Karen Preis, M.D., Docket No. MPS 135-1108, April 24, 2009.)


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