California psychologist Paul D. Coyne surrenders license to Board for sex with assistant

April 2, 2009

Paul D. Coyne surrendered his license to the Board for Gross Negligence.  According to the Board’s documents, Coyne entered into an intimate relationship with “E.R.,” his psychological assistant, beginning in July 2003.  Three months later, the relationship became sexual.  Both Coyne and E.R. were married, according to the documents.  In a communication that Coyne transmitted to the Board, he answered “no” to a question that asked if E.R. “served in any capacity which would influence his judgment?”  Coyne was additionally charged with Unprofessional Conduct, Interpersonal Relationship with Psychological Assistant and APA Ethics Code Violations.  Coyne gave up the right to contest the charges, acknowledging that the state could establish a factual basis for the charges and that those charges would constitute cause for discipline.  Sex with one’s psychological assistant is a violation of American Psychological Association’s ethical code. (Stipulated Surrender of License and Order, In the Matter of the First Amended Accusation Against: Paul D. Coyne, Ph.D., License No. PSY 7144, Case No. 1F 2005 164775, January 7, 2009.)


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