Swiss psychotherapist jailed for two years for sexual exploitation of female patients

May 4, 2013

A psychotherapist from the Swiss canton of Vaud who had proposed to female patients a therapy based on role-playing in order to “extract the evil out of their body,” was sentenced to two years of jail.

Between 1995 and 2007, he had abused two female patients, who had confided to him that they were raped when they were young.

The Federal Court confirmed a judgment of the justice of Vaud, who sentenced him to two years and five days in jail, depriving him from freedom, including nine months with no remission.

This 55-year-old general practitioner, who had followed his medical education with two years of training in psychiatry, explained to them that they could never have a “woman’s life” if they didn’t completely accept this type of treatment.

“Symbolic Operation”

Over twelve years, he progressively isolated one of the female patients, in her private as well as professional life. He engaged in inappropriate contact, including a vaginal touch presented as a “symbolic operation.”

The act was supposed to allow the female patient, raped during her childhood, to overcome her difficulties. He had also done the same “symbolic operation” with the other female patient, who had been raped during her youth.

The therapist was sentenced to two years and five days of jail in June 2011 by the Correctional Court of Lausanne for acts of sexual character on a person unable to consent or resist.

Damages For Prejudice

The Cantonal Court had then modified the judgment and convicted the doctor for sexual coercion. In October 2012, the Federal Court returned the case to the Cantonal Court, having confirmed the latter’s decision.

To the two years and five days of jail is added an additional sentence of three months and 25 days for violation of the circulation rules. The doctor will also have to pay 20,000 Swiss francs (US $21,375) damages for moral harm.

Source: "A doctor, who was playing with this female patients, will go in jail," 24 Heures, April 26, 2013.


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