Psychiatrist Harvey M. Rosenberg reprimanded in two states for dumping patient; was dating patient

August 6, 2012

On August 3, 2012, the Arizona Medical Board reprimanded psychiatrist Harvey M. Rosenberg. According to the Board’s document, this action was taken in response a reprimand issued on Rosenberg by the state of Michigan, who also assessed a $5,000 fine and placed his license on two years probation. According to the Arizona Board’s document, Rosenberg counseled a man, beginning in 2011, over concerns with is marriage. The man’s wife also attended therapy sessions. Rosenberg allowed the couple to mediate their divorce at his office. The wife terminated the patient-therapist relationship in 2006, after the divorce was finalized. He continued to counsel the husband. In 2009, he began dating the patient’s former wife and shortly thereafter, informed the husband he could no longer see him as a patient. The Michigan Board also noted irregularities in Rosenberg’s patient records for both husband and wife. 


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