State revokes counselor Patricia Kehoe's registration for practice without a license

March 23, 2009

The Washington Department of Health (DOH) revoked registered counselor Patricia Kehoe’s counseling registration for unprofessional conduct. According to the DOH’s Final Order, the state issued Kehoe a counseling registration on December 13, 2007. On her application, dated December 10, 2007, she indicated that she neither had nor had held any certificates/licenses/registrations in any state. However, the document states that in July 2005, Kehoe became employed as a student counselor at a community college in Auburn, Washington and that between December 2006 and June 2007, she treated a patient for severe clinical depression, anxiety, panic and dysthymia, despite not being registered by the DOH to do so. Kehoe presented credential certifications with registration numbers that had been assigned to another individual since 2004. The DOH served Kehoe with a Statement of Charges and the opportunity to answer the charges and request a hearing. She answered the charges and a pre-hearing conference was scheduled but Kehoe failed to appear. The DOH issued a Motion for Order of Default, which Kehoe has not moved to vacate. She may not seek reinstatement for seven years.

(Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and FinalOrder of Default, In the Matter of Patricia Kehoe, Credential No. RC00060029,Case No. M2008-117969, State of Washington Department of Health, March 23,2009.)


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